Welcome! As we step out in faith to adopt from Ghana, we started this blog as a way to share the story of our adoption journey with family and friends. Step by step on this journey we are learning to trust in and rely on God all the more.
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Friday, June 11, 2010


Yay, I am all caught up; well actually I’ll be caught up when I tell you our good news. Fine, fine, I’ll tell you already…

Tuesday, June 8th we received a call from our social worker informing us that WE GOT OUR ENDORSEMENT LETTER!!!! FINALLY!!!! Music to my ears!

We have been waiting for it for almost 4 months; it was supposed to take two weeks. This letter is required to complete our home study and is necessary for us to move forward with our adoption.

What does this mean for us? It means we are officially on the waiting list for a referral (clapping hands and giggling). Before we were kind of penciled in, if a referral would’ve come up we would have been passed over. We’re ever so thankful it never happened.

Today, I will be mailing our home study with the (long awaited for) endorsement letter to USCIS (immigration). This will complete the requirements for the I600a.

Needless to say we are rejoicing. Praise God! Praise God!! Praise God!!! I am giddy with excitement.


  1. I like the clapping and giggling part! YAY!

  2. We are so excited for you! We're praying with you guys all the way. :) Love you!