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Saturday, July 2, 2011

May 29th - Ghana, Here We Come (Attempt #1)

I can’t believe we are actually flying to Ghana today! I am getting so excited; the butterflies in my stomach are going crazy. Our flight leaves tonight at 10:45 and I can’t wait. Ken & I spent a nice relaxing day together as we waited for the next leg of our journey to begin.

While we were waiting to leave for the airport we were playing around with the iPad we brought with us. We were trying to find movies or games the kids might like; something that might occupy them. Ken decided to see what he could find regarding Twi, the language our children speak. He was able to find an application, the Nkyea Twi Phrasebook, for $2.99. We can’t wait to use it with the kids. With this app you can look up words and phrases in English, you push a button, and you hear it spoken in Twi. You can even record your own voice as you say the word/phrase.

We decided to leave for the airport at 7pm. We are looking forward to meeting Ryan & Kristen in person.  At the airport we were supposed to take the train to the terminal, but it was not working. Instead we rode in a mobile lounge, called a Buddy, which was built in 1962. (One can be seen behind me)

As we walked up to our gate I heard a guy say my name. Yay, Ryan and Kristen are here!!

Thankfully, Ken & I had no problem getting on the flight, there were plenty of seats available (remember we were flying stand-by). We were able to sit in economy plus; it was so nice to have the extra leg room.

Take-off was good and about an hour into the flight the crew started serving drinks, & were getting ready to serve dinner when….(the reason it says Attempt #1 in the title)….a fight broke out on the plane between two guys. All I could think was, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  They were 5 rows behind us and sitting directly across the isle from Ryan & Kristen. At first we weren’t sure what was happening. Someone yelled out quietly & then a little louder and the next thing we knew fists were flying. The crew in our area started yelling at them to stop, but the idiots didn’t. Well, I take that back, they stopped for like 3 seconds…UGH! Then a stewardess ran past, tapped Ken on the shoulder and said she needed some strong men. My amazing husband got up and ended up putting one of the offenders in an arm lock. He got the guy to calm down and the men were then separated.

 After more drama ensued, it was announced that we would be returning to Dulles, remove the guys from the plane, refuel (they had to dump the fuel so we would be light enough to land), and resume our flight. Well, we did not resume our flight. Attempt #2 will occur at 6pm tomorrow, or I should say today. It is 3:30am; it is time to sleep.

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