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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonight I Am Heart Broken

(Hopefully it's okay to post his picture here)

After M & C returned from thier first trip to Ghana, they shared with us about a sweet 2 1/2 years old boy who had just arrived. I totally fell in love with him. When I first saw his face I said out loud, "Are you my son?" Even though I knew he was not meant to be ours.

Sampson, who's beautiful brown eyes drew everyone in, who touched the hearts of many, who almost had a forever family, died tonight.

What is comforting to know that his weak body is now strong, his sorrow is turned to joy, and he safely in the arms of his heavenly Father.

If you'd like to read about him you can do that here. Another post where you can also link to his adoptive family and a couple who were with him the day he died click here.

Please say a prayer for those closest to him. There are many who are grieving tonight. His adoptive family, the caregivers and children at the orphanage, and his birth father.

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