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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behind Again

Yes, once again I am very behind on updating the blog….surprise?!

So much has happened over the last month+. I can’t wait to share all about it all with you. First though, I want to take a step back and share with you a “path” change we experienced in February.

As we shared with you, we lost a potential match on January 18th. And while we were heartbroken, we knew God was in total control. 

On February 5th our coordinator informed us that she had been contacted by a facilitator in Ghana that was interested in working with AAI. She had heard good things about him, but had no personal experience working with him. She informed us they would be looking for a family to be a “test case” and wondered if we might be interested.

Ken and I asked a bunch questions (that’s who we are) and of course we prayed about it. Ken and I had such a peace about this new path. Not only did we feel peace, we also felt joy. We both felt this new path would lead us to our children. On February 10th we said “Let’s get going!” J 

We did not share this information publically because we wanted to be cautious. We had already dealt with so much and we decided to keep it quiet incase something went wrong on this uncharted path. 

Over the next couple of months we got our paperwork in order, met a WONDERFUL family that would also be going down this new path with us (the plan was we would travel together), and dealt with soooo many emotions as we waited. And waited. And waited. 

On April 14th we learned that things were happening, excitement set in. On April 23rd we learned of a potential sib set. We just had to wait for the rest of the children’s paperwork to come in. And again we waited. And waited.

Over those months we got to know Kristen & Ryan (our potential travel buddies). We have so much in common; we really clicked. We spent time talking about our potential trip; where we’d stay, what we’d do. We looked forward to traveling together. They had received their match and were waiting for ours to happen.

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