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Monday, August 1, 2011

June 1st – Day 2

I’m going to keep it real; today was a bit rough for me.

I wouldn’t say that I got the best sleep last night. Between being in an unfamiliar place, the excitement of the day, Kwame almost falling out of bed, and waking up in the middle of the night wet from shoulder to knee (courtesy of my daughter), it was a restless night.

We were the last of the three families to get up. They had already eaten and were getting ready to go swimming when we got up and ordered our breakfast. Our kids were not too happy that they weren’t getting to go swimming in the very green pool. As a result, Vivi kept running off; it became a game for her. We finally got everyone settled down to breakfast.

After breakfast, and a couple more Vivi chases, we got our stuff packed up and got ready for “K” to pick us up. The plan is to go back to the foster home to drop off Eric & Jenni’s children because they are flying back to the States tonight.

We made the short trip back to the foster home and soon learned that the girl I spoke with the night before was Kwame & Vivi’s biological sister. Because if that, and the fact that the grandmother of Ryan & Kristen’s boys was there the previous night, we asked about our children’s birth mom. We were very surprised when we were told she was inside the foster home.

My heart started pounding when we then learned she had also been there the previous night. She was there watching as we met our children, her children. Ken had actually spoken to her, not knowing who she was. It was a very strange feeling. What did she think of us? What did she think of us loving on her children; telling them we were their mommy & daddy? What had she felt as she watched us?

Their mother knew hardly any English so we were not really able to talk to her. She smiled and giggled a lot. I’m sure she had to be as nervous as we were. No sooner had we met then we were climbing back into the van, birth moms included, to go see the new orphanage that “K” was building.

The land that the orphanage was on is beautiful. And the building is looking great.. He shared with us his plans and details. One of his goals is to be self sufficient; crops including corn & mangos. It was all very exciting to hear. It was then time to head back to the foster home and drop off those staying.

We got back to the orphanage and the birth moms disappeared. Feeling like time was running out I asked their sister what she thought her mom would want the children to remember. I’m not sure if she understood my question because she said she wanted them to obey and do what they are told. Two other girls came up and said they too were sisters. We were so surprised to learn this. Birth mom then reappeared. We wanted to make sure we got pictures for the kids to have, so we gathered birth mom and the sisters together and took pictures. We would later learn that the two newly introduced sisters were not biological sisters. Thank goodness for photo shop…when I learn to use it. J

When birth mom reappeared I had not noticed that she had a bag with her. Heart pounding again, I remember that she would be going to court with us and because Kwahu & Accra are so far away from each other they would of course be riding with us. I said something to Kristen and I’m not sure we knew what to think. For me I was ready to stop traveling and start really bonding with my children.

Before we piled into the $300 (split between the 3 American families) non-air conditioned rental van for our 1 way trip to Accra, “E” & “J” had to say good bye to their children. It was so hard to watch. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be saying goodbye to our children. It had to be even harder for them as they had to watch us loving on our kids.

Finally we were off. 11 adults, 4 children, and loads of luggage for our 3 1/2+ hour trip to Accra.

One thing I learned is that my kids are great travelers. Put them in a car and they are fast asleep, especially Vivian.

Nothing too exciting happened on the trip. It rain for a while and my window was stuck open so I got a bit wet; it was refreshing though. We stopped for lunch and the 3 families split the bill. It was so hard to be traveling with their birth mom and not be able to talk to her.

After dropping off Eric & Jenni we finally made it to the hotel where we had made reservations. The birth moms got out of the van, with their bags, and started walking toward the hotel. My heart was pounding; they aren’t stay with us are they? Not that I had anything against her, I was just ready to have my family to myself. Thankfully they would not.

We then learned that only one of the rooms was available…ugh, not again. We ended up staying in the single room. The bed was a double….sigh. Ryan & Kristen were brought to a near by hotel & would be able to check into a double room tomorrow. “K” informed us he would pick us up at 8 in the morning so we could be at court by 9.

As we get ready for bed I am trying to process what has happened thus far. We have basically been traveling for two days: plane, car, taxis, bus, and van. We are in an amazing country; one I never thought I would see in my life. We have met, after almost two years of waiting, the children that were about to be legally ours; these two little strangers in my bed. And we spent more time than I had expected with their birth mom who, whether reluctantly or not, watched as we loved on her children, checking out the gifts we had given them, smiling when she’d see me watching her watching them. What a crazy, unbelievable, overwhelming, wonderful, full of surprises last 48 hours. My only regret is that we have not had more quality time with the kids before they become legally ours; more time to get to know them better. With that I will say goodnight. I still can’t believe tomorrow we will become a family of 6.

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  1. Hey, I see myself in one your your pictures:) Love reading about your adventures before and after we met