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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

June 2nd – Court Day. Or so We Thought

One thing I forgot to tell you was, the reason we had chosen to stay at the Pentagon Hotel was because an adoption friend had told us about it. She and another American mom had been staying there and would still be there during our stay. Tracey and Rebecca where such a valuable resource and support for us.

We woke up around 6 to get ready for our big day. No need for an alarm clock, the roosters took care of that. Ryan & Kristen showed up around 7 and we sat down to a breakfast of eggs, toast, instant coffee and some super yummy watermelon.

We then anxiously waited for “K” to arrive and take us to our court appointment. 8 o’clock came and went. We tried to keep the kids occupied while also keeping them clean and presentable. 9 o’clock passed, then 10 o’clock. We had to remind ourselves we are on Ghana time. At 10:30 the phone rang. It was “K” informing us that court was full and we would go same time tomorrow instead. We were disappointed, but at least we’ll be going tomorrow and not Tuesday, which is when we thought the “make-up” day would be.

After we got the news we all got ready and went swimming. The kids loved the pool! The boys had a blast jumping in and wrestling around in the water with Ken & Ryan. Miss Vivi took to the water with more caution.

After swimming, and per Tracey’s recommendation, we went and ate at Frankie’s in town. Frankie’s is a restaurant that carries various international foods. She also put us in contact with Charles, the taxi driver they use. He is very nice and even helped us get a phone and minutes needed to use it.

We also got to experience street vendors, who if you engage at all, will not cease to pester you. I got very good at saying “no”.

After lunch we went back to the hotel & swam some more. It was a wonderful family bonding time.

We finished the night with the movie Lion King; courtesy of Rebecca. Rebecca, if you are reading this thank you, thank you, thank you, the movies were a life saver. After the movie it was off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow we will be going to court.

Court being canceled was a blessing; it gave us a time for us to get to know our kids and for them to get to know us. We learned more about their personalities and became more comfortable with each other. I can’t help but wonder what they must be thinking and feeling. And wondering how much they understand about what’s going on. It is hard to know these things since they speak very little English and we of course know only a few Twi words. They do seem to be bonding with us which is beyond wonderful.

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