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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Hill Conquered

Yay! Today we received our I-171H (I-600a approval). Of course, as has been our way, it did not come without issues.

First I must tell you that as of March 2010 all I-600a applications are being processed at one USCIS location. Because of that, all paperwork from the various USCIS offices were loaded in boxes and sent to the new location; now, back to the story.

We mailed our home study and endorsement letter required for the I-600a application on June 11, 2010 (we had mailed the application on Dec. 2, 2009).  We waited and waited. I finally gave USCIS a call, in August, to see where we were in the process. The lady I spoke with could not find our info in the system. She said it was probably still in a box somewhere and that it could be weeks, or months, before it was processed. So we waited & waited some more.

I called again at the beginning of October and spoke to a woman who was very helpful. Unfortunately, the news I was given wasn’t good. Apparently our paperwork had been lost. She was able to eventually find our name in the system, but nothing more. I guess this was occurring enough that she was given the authority to have us send in copies of our original application, home study, and endorsement letter. (Praise God!!!)

I mailed the copies of everything on October 13th and we received our approval today.  We are so thankful that that is over.

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