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Saturday, January 9, 2010

From Then Until Almost Now

Things have been flying! Let’s just say, things don’t usually go very smoothly for us. It has been so awesome and amazing to see God work! So here’s what happened.

Once we had a clear direction we jumped in with both feet. On November 25th, 09 we mailed in our application to the adoption agency we had chosen. The information we had said not to expect to hear anything for 2-2 ½ weeks. We figured it might take longer because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Imagine how excited we were to receive a welcome e-mail that following Monday (Nov 30). We then received the welcome packet the following Wednesday (Dec 2), one week from the time we mailed the application. Ken & I were like little kids on Christmas morning.

On Dec 1st we decided on an agency for our home study. Our first visit was Dec. 11th. We mailed the I 600-a in on Dec. 2nd and we were able to get the finger printing, needed for our state’s requirement, done on Dec. 3rd. Whew!

Another scheduling WOW for us was our physicals. I called on Tuesday, Dec 9th and was told we could all get in the next day. We were totally excited that 1) we would be able to get it done at the same time & 2) we were able to get a next day appointment. We thought for sure it would be at least a week to get at least some of us in. Unfortunately, when we woke up Wednesday morning everything, including our Doctor’s office, was closed due to a major snow storm. My excitement the day before was now replaced with disappointment. I called first thing Thursday morning and was told we could all get in that afternoon. Yep, I was excited again!

After we got things going, with agencies and paperwork, we told our families and started telling some of our friends. For the most part everyone has been very supportive, which has meant a lot.
Okay, I think we’re about caught up. Yeah!

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  1. Keep it up you two! You are doing great! Praying lots for you!!