Welcome! As we step out in faith to adopt from Ghana, we started this blog as a way to share the story of our adoption journey with family and friends. Step by step on this journey we are learning to trust in and rely on God all the more.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

How It All Started

“Are you Crazy??!!!! Do you live in this house? Do you live this life? No! No! No!” That is (sadly) how I responded to my husband when he asked what I thought about us adopting.

Wait! I should explain myself. In 16 years of marriage we have experienced infertility and we’ve had 2 children which opened the door to dr. appointments, therapies, developmental delay and autism. But that is a story for another day. It’s not like we hadn’t talked about adoption before, but that was years ago. We had also, in more recent years, even talked about fostering.

Okay, so that little conversation happened early spring of this year (2009). And why it happened was because some friends of our officially announced they were adopting. I was not at church that day due to a sick child.

Over the remainder of spring and into the summer I remained closed, but tried to be open. I thought about it, prayed about, but was still resisting. We even went to an international adoption informational meeting…out of town…telling no one.

Then it happened. It was about the 3rd week in October when Ken came across information on the internet sharing about Orphans Sunday (Nov 8th). We sat together (on our couch) watched videos, read scripture, listened to testimonials, and I cried…a lot. God totally softened my heart and clearly told me we were to adopt.

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